Gattinolli GA-5897 & SK-5898
Gattinolli GA-5897 & SK-5898

Gattinolli GA-5897 & SK-5898

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Plunging V-neck Black Satiny Top over Wrapped Knee Length Skirt with Silver Floral Embroidery

This dazzling plunging V-neck black satiny top is perfect for everyday wear to enhance any outfit and is practical and versatile for all-seasons. Freshen up your look this season with the fashion-forward puff long sleeves of this sexy top that end in a normal belted waistline over a stylish skirt. The titillating knee length  wrapped skirt is designed in silver floral embroidery on a black satiny background making it the most catchy outfit ever in all occasions.

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Collars/Necklines: Plunging V-neck
  • Season: All-Season
  • Sleeves: Puff long sleeves
  • Skirt: wrapped skirt
  • Garments: embroidery 
  • Occasion:  all occasions 

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