Gattinolli GA-6607

Gattinolli GA-6607

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Fuchsia evening dress with emptied oval bustier in the middle and delimited with Swarovski crystals and floral stone design. Emptied on the waist as well on the back with a circular shape to add a titillating with a circular shape to add a titillating tone to the dress especially with its long-fitted sleeves. The fact that its parts are delimited with a band of Swarovski stones and crystals like on its shoulders, neckline, and waist instigate excitement especially with its central circular stone in the navel. On its skirt two vertical bands of Swarovski stone and crystals that continue with symmetric slits. The back is opened and rounded with Swarovski and crystals. Swarovski crystals give the impression of being luxurious, sophisticated and elegant.

This luxurious dress is sure to impress and inspire at any event!! This luxurious dress is perfect for any wedding or ceremony.

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