Gaby Charbachy GCS 1432
Gaby Charbachy GCS 1432

Gaby Charbachy GCS 1432

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Crystalized Sleeves Off Shoulder Dress

After dark, the edgy kind of look. Her beauty is like flames which burn in a red glow. She is proud and there are millions of reasons why she should be. The combustion creates both heat and light. We can easily feel the heat from this fiery vermilion red, and we can see the emitted light in the form of long crystal sleeves for a precious finish. Enchanted combinations of bare shoulders and curves. A breathtaking contrast emerges between innocence and sophistication where on hot evenings the shoulders remain bare. This harmony has a distinctly modern touch in the blend of firm structured satin and loose crepe weaving through, architectural precision vs organic softness. Be your unique wavelengths of light when burned!

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